5 Keys to Successful Goal Setting

Successful Goal Setting

[ A Goal is Meant to be Accomplished. Why Aren't Yours? ]

What was your New Year’s resolution? Are you keeping up with it or did you forget
you even made one? At one point or another, we all have said we’re going to
accomplish something that never gets done. It’s either that we forget
about it, make excuses why we can’t do it, or simply just don’t
care about it anymore. However, there are people who
set goals and do it. What’s their secret to goal
setting? Let’s break it down to 5 rules.


People successful at goal setting have strong desire. If they want something, they
won’t stop until they get it. When setting your goals, you have to ask yourself
“why” do you want to accomplish this. What are you getting out of it?
How will your lifestyle be better once you accomplish your
goal? Find out the reasons for your goal and you’ll
know how to motivate yourself. Write it on
a paper that you can see everyday.


Building vision in goal setting allows you to focus on results instead of thinking
about the work it will take to get there. When you think about what you
will achieve, it makes you feel good. It pushes you to do it. But if
you think about all the work it can take, then you might
not feel so excited about it. Remember to not only
enjoy the “kill”, but to enjoy the “chase” also.
Vision gives reason to your mission.

Self Discipline

People who are successful are goal setting are consistent with their actions.
Consistency takes self-discipline. You need to build your willpower
to do things even when you don’t feel like doing them. Even if
you can’t give a complete one hundred percent, at least
give fifty percent. That fifty percent will provide
more results the zero percent ever can. It
takes hard work, but focus on results.


Sometimes it feels that right when you set a goal, a million obstacles just
came in your way. Successful goal setters are persistent people.
Negative people, shortage of time, lack of money are all
issues that cause us to give up. Become persistent
and find ways around these obstacles. Every
problem has a solution. Find the answer
and accomplish and goal you set.


Rewarding yourself is a very important part of goal setting. It can mean
the difference between success and failure. Rewarding yourself
can be in a number of ways. For instance, athletes who are
on strict diets leave Sundays out as their “cheat day”
where they eat whatever they want. This helps
beat cravings, stay motivated, and also
gives them reason to stay focused.

Successful goal setters work hard and play hard. All work and no play
means no fun. Reward yourself for doing good and you’ll find
it easier to stay on track. Accomplishing goals will be
a fun task instead of something you find excuses
for. Building desire, vision, self-discipline,
persistence, and rewards will help you
become successful at goal setting.

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16 Responses to “5 Keys to Successful Goal Setting”

  1. Wow… That is really good. The way you put those five rules and the brief description of how to, it makes it easier. Now just focusing on the mindset is what some people have trouble with. They have to go into it with a good feeling. You’re so right.

  2. Excellent article on focusing on goals. I am very goal orient, being ambitious is at the top of my list. To succeed at goals and gaining successful achievements one has to be ambitious. At determined2.com Promotes successful pursuit of life goals.

  3. What a great post! I really think these 5 keys will help me out with my own goal setting. Thank you!

  4. Having a plan is a key to successful goal setting to. Without a plan, you won’t succeed unless you’re lucky of course!

  5. Its all about desire. If I want to do something I get it done. I don’t make excuses. Its just that simple. If your desire isn’t strong enough then your not going to want to do it as bad. Be “hungry”.

  6. I think you guys both have good points. And you have o mix those two things. Desire and plan. But the plan comes from desire. If you want to get it done, then you’ll make a plan and succeed at it. But if you just make a plan but have no desire, then success will be hard to come by. That’s my opinion. It’s a mix of the two things.

    Great article Faizal, I like the reward section. People tend to forget that All work no play no fun.

    Jack :

    Having a plan is a key to successful goal setting to. Without a plan, you won’t succeed unless you’re lucky of course!

    Rob :

    Its all about desire. If I want to do something I get it done. I don’t make excuses. Its just that simple. If your desire isn’t strong enough then your not going to want to do it as bad. Be “hungry”.

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  8. In the past, I’ve set up goals with the top 4 ‘rules’ – without any reward, and most of those goals weren’t accomplished. I had a personal trainer to help me lose weight about 3 years ago and the one thing that kept me going with all the hard work and sweat was the reward I got to have once a week – my Cotton Candy Blizzard. :)

  9. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal. That’s a wonderful story and thanks for sharing. You must be really proud of yourself.

    Good to see that a little reward can go a long way.

  10. Hi Faizal. I really enjoyed reading you article and am also impressed but the design of your blog.

    The desire needs to come from the heart. It needs to be a heart want and not just a head want. Your head may want to lose 2 stone but it will not get you up every morning for that run and keep you committed to walking past that ice cream store. A heart desire to look good and live longer and in better health however will.

    My two cents. Great blog, keep up the good work.

  11. Jonny,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s much appreciated.

    I completely agree with you too. The desire from the heart is much stronger since there is passion and emotion tied with it. It motivates and keeps individuals on track. We use our mind to make decisions and these decisions are based on what we feel in the heart.

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  16. Let, this is such a wonderful piece of writing in achieving success. Those 5 keys are really meant to be helpful in reaching our goals. Your article is a year ago…but it is still useful for all time.

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