How to Get Inspired


[ Thrive by Keeping Your Inspiration Alive ]

No matter what the goal is, sometimes the inspiration we start with goes away.
The excitement and energy dies out. The motivation goes to an all time
high but now you’re struggling to keep going on. How is it that
olympians train for 4 years and stay inspired enough to
win the gold medal? How can marathon runners
make it to the finish line? The key is staying
inspired through the entire project.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

This is an old time saying that everyone of us is probably familiar with.  It’s been
around for so long because it works! Keep your focus on what you’re going
to achieve. Visualize how you will feel once you finish. Picture how
the results will affect you and others around you. Create that
“feeling” by thinking about your end result. Do this
until you feel your energy rise up. It will
make you jump up and get to work.

Getting Out to Nature

Getting in touch with nature helps us become at peace with ourselves. Our minds
are filled with such a busy lifestyle and it feels good to get out and just slow
everything down. Take in the beauty of the earth. Let nature sooth
your soul and show you inspiration. Notice that this world
took  billions of years to create, it wasn’t done in
one day. Our goals may take some time
too. But it will be done if we let it.

Do Something Else

If you just can’t get started and you keep trying and trying, it will drag you into a
deeper downhill slump. You’ll keep thinking about what’s holding you back
and why you can’t do it. Just get your mind off it. Go do something
else that you enjoy. Play a game. Spend time with the family.
Go bike riding. Whatever it may be that makes you
happy, go do it. Happiness is always a great
way to get  your inspiration back.

Just Do It

Sometimes you just need to stop thinking why you can’t and just start doing. You
might hate it at first (I do) but sooner or later the good feeling just comes
on it’s own. Once you start you’ll start enjoying it yourself. It’s like
when you don’t want to get on the treadmill but you still do it
anyways and it turns out better than you expected.
Sometimes you just need to put your emotions
aside and do it. It builds your willpower.

Look at Others

Look at people who have already done what you’re trying to do. If they can do it,
why can’t you? Only you can hold yourself back with the things you think
about in your mind. Find inspiration by looking up to people. Look
for role models and people who are willing to work with you
and help you along the way. A positive environment
will help you stay inspired. There will always
be support when you need it the most.

Stay Inspired

Don’t wait until your inspiration goes away to try to get inspired. Stay inspired
everyday. Take time to think about why you’re doing what you’re doing.
What made your start? Never lose the feeling you had the first day
you started. Keep the fire burning. If you throw all the wood
in the fire, it goes out fast. If you put little by little, it
will stay burning longer. The same goes towards
your inspiration. Pace your excitement.

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6 Responses to “How to Get Inspired”

  1. HI there – i like your suggestion to do something else. Often a break can be just what we need to get our inspiration back, and see things from a different perspective.

  2. I really liked your recent post. I really know what u mean when u say nature helps. When I’m having a tough time that’s what I like to do. Just relax out in the parks in the hills and just feel the breeze and smell the aroma of nature. It calms me down and gets me to feel relieved. Great article!

  3. Hey Robin,

    A break works well from me too, especially on a busy day.


    You’re right. Nature is very calming. It lets your thoughts settle down and gives you a chance to enjoy it’s beauty.

    Thank you both for reading.

  4. Great article!

  5. Being creative is something I’ve never been very good at, although sometimes I would like to. So thank you for writing this and inspiring me. Stumbled ;)

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