I’m the type of person that likes to know as much as I can before I start
doing something. One day, I got a text message from my fiance
that changed my entire method of approaching things. It
read, “Faizal, sometimes you think harder than you
work.” I couldn’t believe it. All this thinking I
was doing was holding me back. It was
causing more harm than good.


One bad thing about over-thinking is procrastination. I was using the
excuse, “I don’t know enough” to keep myself from doing. What
I realized is that I had enough information already and
I could learn the other things as I go along. It’s
just like getting a new job. They train you
enough to start and then you learn
as you go. You get more done.

More Thinking, More Stress

Well, this also depends on how you think. If you’re thinking, try to
use positive thinking to direct your thoughts. My problem
was that my thinking was making the situation harder
than it really was. It’s easier to just get up and
do it. All this “what if” thinking will fog
up the mind. Go get the results
instead of assuming them.

Creates Fear & Doubt

When I was thinking too much, I was running all the possibilities
in my head. It was never reality, it was just my thoughts.
When you think of a thousand outcomes, it makes
you unsure of what’s really going to happen.
This creates fear and doubt. Realizing
that the outcome depends only
on you
overcomes this.

Wastes Time

Don’t get me wrong. Thinking things over is a good thing but NOT
when you’re over-thinking! It’s just a waste of time. I could
have used the time I’ve spent thinking about things
to actually do the things! Isn’t that better? It
gives more results. Productivity comes
from taking action. Get inspired
and stop wasting your time.

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