How To Get More From Life This Instant


Do you want more satisfaction from life? More joy, more excitement, and more passion?
How can you get all this right now at this moment? Soon I’ll tell you about what
I do when life starts lacking excitement. When things seem dull and stuff
seems to be moving too slowly, it has a negative effect on what
we think about our lives. Sometimes there’s absolutely
nothing wrong but our mood and attitude
goes downhill. How can you change?

Be Grateful

How can you start feeling happier and more satisfied? Start appreciating what you
have right now.
Once you change your thoughts and start thinking about
everything you have that you’re happy about, you start feeling happy
too. It always works for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to
keep your focus on thinking positive when you don’t
feel good. In this case, I suggest writing it
all down. It makes it easier to focus.

Now how do you make this practice even more effective? You see, our brain thinks in
pictures so you have to visualize. Think or write about the first thing you
are grateful for and start picturing it in your mind. What this does
is help change your emotions around quicker. When your
emotions change, it’s easier to change you thinking.
One positive thought leads to another. It’s
creates a powerful chain reaction.

What to Be Grateful For

Everyone has something to be grateful for no matter what your life situation might
be. Sometimes it becomes a little bit difficult to see the positive when our
minds are cluttered with negative thoughts. To get your list of
things to be grateful for going, start simple. Think about
how you have access to a computer right now to
be reading this. So many people don’t.
Grow your list from that one.

A Word of Advice

Being grateful should not come only when you feel down. I try to think everyday
of things I’m grateful for. I start in the morning to start the day off right.
It gets the positive emotions flowing and creates that chain
reaction I talked about earlier. Sometimes there’s
roadblocks that come up during the day
but being grateful always prevails.

Here’s a good video to get you started. I really love this one. The Secret to You

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  2. It’s amazing how hard this can be for some people…and it used to be fore me as well.

    BUT, when you stop, and really think about it, there is so much…we just need to learn to shift your thought process away from everything you don’t have or aren’t getting….

    Gratitude is the key…

  3. Hey Dawn. You know it was really hard for me at first to get the hang of appreciating what I have now. I was always wanting more and more but I failed to realize I have so much already. Thanks for the comment.

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  5. Hi, I just came across your site, we seem to have a lot in common! Love that Gratitude is such a big player here. thanks!!!

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