36 Easy Tips for a Healthier Diet

Healthier-dietYou are what you eat. A healthier diet will not only make you physically fit, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Food is the fuel for our bodies, so make sure you put the right stuff in there or else you’ll break down sooner and won’t function at your best. Here’s some easy tips.

1-No more soda: Soda has no nutritional value at all, 7 tsp of sugar in a can, and causes weight gain.
2-Stop with the processed foods: Read the label, fat and high sodium written all over it.
3-Eat healthy even when you’re out: Almost all restaurants have salads now, don’t pretend like you don’t see it.
4-Snack on fruits & vegetables
5-Get enough fiber
6-Boost your metabolism: Cardio exercises will help your body burn more fat instead of storing it.
7-Read the nutrition labels: Look for the calories and fats. You’ll be surprised!
8-Keep a food log: Write down what you eat and the areas you need to improve will show itself.
9-Pack lunch from home: Save money, and save yourself from gaining a few pounds.
10-Cook dinner: Home cooked meals are healthier than outside food.
11-Grill or bake instead of frying: Put away the deep fryer. Take out the George Foreman grill.
12-Stay away from the oil
13-Put down the candy: And pick up the fruits and vegetables.
14-Eat fresh instead of canned fruits and vegetables: The vitamins don’t last and it’s high in sodium!
15-Forget cheat days: Getting a taste of unhealthy foods can have you wanting more the next day.
16-Eat for purpose, not for pleasure: Everything you eat has a consequence on the body. What are you eating for?
17-Cut down on sugar & salt
18-Have healthy food readily available
19-Plan your meals: When you think of what to eat, you’ll pick the easiest route to go, fast food.
20-Drink protein shakes: Build muscles, and muscles burn fat.
21-Eat only egg whites: Yolks are high in cholesterol while the white part of the eggs provide good protein.
22-Go fat free or low fat: Fat free milk, low fat cheese, low fat yogurt….
23-Eat all colors of vegetables
24-Buy lean beef: 93% meat, 7% fat.
25-Skinless chicken breast, not wings: Wings are full of fat because of the skin.
26-Wheat instead of white: Wheat provides fiber, protein, and iron while white has nothing.
27-Brown rice instead of white
28-No more cup noodles: Check the sodium. It will hurt you in the long run.
29-Drink more water: At least 8 glasses a day. Urine should be crystal clear if you’re healthy.
30-Eat a big breakfast: Biggest and most important meal of the day.
31-Eat 5-6 smaller meals: Gives you energy throughout the day and doesn’t store food so you’ll stay slim.
32-Use light mayonnaise: Still not the best choice, but much better than regular mayo.
33-Follow the 40/40/20 rule: 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 20% fat (good fats) each time you each.
34-Get a cooking partner: For those of us limited on time, get a buddy and take turns cooking.
35-Take multi-vitamins: Multi-vitamin pills are a great way to make sure you’re getting what your body needs.
36-Bake French Fries: Instead of frying, cut potatoes into fries and bake them.

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2 Responses to “36 Easy Tips for a Healthier Diet”

  1. #29 Water is such a key component of good health. I’ve just started drinking 33oz right after I wake up before I have coffee. I had no idea that I was thirsty! I’m having no trouble drinking that much water – usually takes 20 to 45 minutes depending on how dehydrated I am. Amazing!

    Still working on many of the other good ideas on your list. :)

  2. Wow! 330z right in the morning..that’s a great way to start off the day. I’m working on making it up to a gallon a day. Since I started properly hydrating myself, my energy levels have been so much higher.

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