5 Computer Applications That Make You More Productive

Productive-with-the-computerTechnology has made production faster, smarter, and more efficient. Don’t be left in the dust while everyone else is using technology to their advantage. Here’s some cool ideas that can save you time and make you more productive with the computer.

1-Google Calendar

Gone are the days of buying paper planners because Google Calendar is in town now. It’s faster to add new appointments and task, you can sync your calendar with your cellphone, get reminders, and share your calendar with the world (or only the people you want).

2-Google Documents

Google Documents is great because just like the calendar, you can share documents with everyone you wish. Put the USB card down, and you can also stop e-mailing documents to everyone. Just put it up on Google Docs and it’s there for them to see. It’s simple and easy to use.

3-Keyboard Shortcuts

To be more productive, you have to learn to move faster right? Enough moving the mouse around trying to click here and there to do everything. You can use buttons on your keyboard to quickly copy and paste, switch screens, close windows, and almost everything else you need to do. Here’s a list of Windows keyboard commands and this one is for Apple users.


Mint.com is an awesome finance website created to help you handle everything in one place. You can create budgets and see where your money goes, how often do you spend, and your spending trends. It’s a great program to use. Better than paper, pen, and a calculator. Trust me…it saves time!


Youtube is great. Almost everyone knows about it and there’s so many things to do with it. A great idea is instead of writing letters to people, you can record a video for them and have them only able to view it. It’s more personal than an e-mail and hey, they get to see your beautiful face.

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