Be In Control Of Your Life

This topic has been drifting in and out of my mind for some time now. I believe it’s very important I talk about this today.

I’ve been observing everything around me…and I noticed one thing: Getting distracted is just way too easy! To avoid distraction and remain focused and happy, we must be in control of everything. It’s kind of crazy at first to think that you can be in control of everything but it’s possible.

We must take responsibility for ourselves and everything that’s in our lives. We are in control. And when we lose this control, that’s when we let situations or other people determine how we feel. We give outside events and other people control over our lives and our feelings. That’s what I want every one to avoid doing. It’s not worth someone else running your life. We have to work smart to achieve total control.

Start by being in control of yourself. Control your emotions. Control your thoughts. And control your actions. You are the one responsible for all of it. You determine how you feel no matter what the situation is. Something so terrible can happen right now, but you can prevent it from affecting you by controlling your thoughts and emotions. Become a master at it. Practice makes perfect.

If someone yells at you, you can get mad and let it ruin your day. But why do that? Why let someone else take control of your life and let them control how you feel. Let it go. Ignore it and move on. When you do this, you take control of the situation. We are not meant to be stressed out or sad. We are meant to be happy. That’s when we are most productive. That’s when we get joy from life. Why be mad or sad? Next time you feel down, ask yourself….why? What’s the point to it? Nothing! It just leads to worse feelings. Take control and be happy.

People complain they don’t have enough money because they’re job doesn’t pay enough. I say so what! Get another job. Create more income. Work for a promotion. Take control and make it the way YOU WANT IT. Stop letting the situation control you and create your life for you. If you take control of every situation, you can manipulate things and create whatever you want from it.

It’s important. It’s very very important we learn to be in control all the time. You have a goal. Stick to it. Don’t get distracted. Be a leader for yourself. Lead yourself to good instead of bad. There is no point to living a life of misery. It is stupid to live that way. Get up and make a decision right now to always be in control! Don’t let anybody take that away from you. You are the master of your life. Go out into the world and create whatever you want. It’s possible. Don’t tell yourself it’s not because it is.

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